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Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament is the second best shooter of all time (Outlaws being number one of course).

UT levels
CTF-=DSA=-BoostingForce Made by BR@NIE
CTF-=DSA=-EgyptianBattles Made by BR@NIE
CTF-w00tabulous Made by Dreadful Fear Brigade
DM-Garage Made by
DM-HellFire Made by BR@NIE

Random downloads
Tetris Play Tetris in UT

OldUnreal/UnrealTournamentPatches Community made patches. Play in 1080p, spacial audio actually works, better DirectInput support so your epic gaming mouse isn't janky
UTGLR patches Graphics patches, which is very useful if you're experiencing weird graphics issues on Windows 10 or Wine

Other sites
BeyondUnreal Anything UT here
OldUnreal Mainly about Unreal Gold, but still great to check out

Getting Unreal Tournament
The game is on sale in Steam, now for only € 9. That price usually lowered at Christmas, or other random holidays.

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