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Catbox down

Discussion in 'What's new' started by Kotsende Kat, May 3, 2018.

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    The Catbox is experiencing technical difficulties and therefore certain services are not available.

    The following services are unavailable as of 3-5-2018:
    • TeamSpeak
    • Banhammer
    • FTP
    • Killing Floor server
    • Probably a bunch of other minor services I have forgotten about
    The cause of the downtime is a failing disk drive. Right now I am attempting to rescue as much data as possible. After I have completed the data rescue I will install a new disk with a fresh installation of Debian GNU/Linux as I am expecting the image will contain too many errors to be placed back on a new drive.

    Because there are quite a few people using our TeamSpeak server on a daily basis, I will make a temporary TeamSpeak server available on For those using, the DNS will be updated shortly so you won't have to connect to a different address or edit your bookmarks.

    Please bear with us while we try to get this shit fixed. If you have any questions, post them here or add me on Steam.

    [Update #1]
    The software data recovery has failed to recover a reasonable amount of data. Right now we're deciding whether we are going to bring the disk to a data recovery company (expensive) or cut our losses and start over.

    [Update #2]
    I am attempting again to create a backup image, but this time I have put the disk in another machine. Now it looks like it can actually read files. Don't get your hopes up yet, but it starts to look like we can actually get a backup now. Fingers crossed.

    If you feel like you are getting an autism attack, have some music while you wait:

    [Update #3]
    Good news everyone! Since 21:00 local time, Catbox is back up again and has received an upgrade. After noticing that the machine wouldn't even run my live distro properly, I decided to put the disk in a spare machine (who had been sitting next to Catbox all the time, idling and consuming power) and booted the machine from my live distro. Everything loaded and I could mount the disk and read several files. I decided to make another image backup of the disk which completed without errors. I thought I might as well make this machine the new Catbox as it started to look like a motherboard problem on the old machine. I took out the network interface card from the old machine, put it in the new machine and BOOM everything worked instantly. As I am writing this, Refalm and I are still working on making backups of all the important files, as fast as humanly possible. Of course it is nice that the disk seems to be functioning on this new machine, but that doesn't mean it's still safe. It's a 10 year old disk and it's a *cough*Seagate Barracuda*cough*. Fortunately, I managed to get my hands on a bunch of "new" (not new) disks that I can use, should I wish to replace the current disk. In any case, we have proper backups now and I'll make sure regular backups are being made. Finally, I mentioned that Catbox has received an upgrade. The old hardware consisted of an Intel Celeron D processor with 4 GB of DDR2 RAM. The new machine has an Intel Core i5 processor with 6 GB of DDR3 RAM. For Catbox, this is a huge upgrade. Especially if you take into consideration the very first iteration of Catbox had an AMD Athlon processor with 2 GB of DDR RAM. :smile:

    That's it for now. You can rejoin the original TeamSpeak server on the usual address/domain very soon and everything will be back to normal. :smile:
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