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Trials and Vacancies - Read this first!

Discussion in 'Become an admin' started by Kotsende Kat, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Kotsende Kat

    Kotsende Kat Blop blop blop die Führung

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    If you are listed here, it means that you are currently on a trial run for an unspecified time. If the HRM thinks you have proven yourself, you will be promoted to administrator. The Director of Human Resources may terminate your trial run at any time, for any reason, without notification, and you will be removed from the list of currently active trials.

    Vacancies: 1
    We currently have vacancies for the following games:
    • Any

    Currently active trials:
    • None

    Passed trials:
    • Bald Guy Congratulations! [End of trial: 14 July 2010]
    • Soysauce Congratulations! [End of trial: 25 December 2012]
    • Bark At The Moon Congratulations! [End of trial: 02 July 2013]
    • Izual Congratulations! [End of trial: 24-11-2013]
    • Ethan Sawyer Congratulations! [End of trial: 21-06-2015]
    • !infusOH Congratulations! [End of trial: 1-12-2017]
    • Fluttercreep Congratulations! [End of trial: ??-??-:confused:?]

    Terminated trials:
    • 3clipse (wanted to be an admin, but never showed up)
    • Dr. Watson (infrequent visitor, still a cool player)
    • Snakeboy Eric (did not meet quality standards)
    • Spartan Warrior (did not meet quality standards)
    • Xellos (premature tag removal)
    • METAL HEAD (by request)
    • Scarestorm (he doesn't even know, lol)
    • gutsyZombie (infrequent visitor)
    • HazeBuster (by request)
    • Erikkk (crashed the server on purpose)

    • DARKER (no self-reflection whatsoever and future wife beater)
    • Eron (Because I say so. Nuff said.)
    • Thomas Foxx (the last furfag ever to apply)
    • Ethan Sawyer (left without notice)

    • PingWing
    • The English Hobo
    • Bark At The Moon
    • Izual
    • Soysauce

    Things that will get your trial terminated for sure: Inactivity and being a douche in the server.
    Keep that in mind.

    Magic word: blowpipe
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