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HOW TO: Convert North American SNES Game Genie codes to European codes

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kotsende Kat, Nov 11, 2010.

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    When I bought my original Game Genie for the SNES, I came to know that no one has ever uploaded working GG codes for European SNES games. All the codes you find on the internet are North American/Japanese GG codes.
    For all those who have wondered (on this forum and beyond...) how to get these damned codes to work, you've come to the right place. Apparently I am the first one ever to publish this information, since I've found NOTHING on this specific subject.

    A little disclaimer and some other stuff: This way of converting is experimental, and hasn't been confirmed to work with every code. However, for LoRom games, I'm pretty sure this works on every games (except SuperFX games). Also, YES there's a shitload of text coming up, but I've made this explanation as detailed as possible so you understand it the first time. If you follow the instructions carefully, and not too fast, you will get the right code the first time. It is not difficult and you don't even need to have knowledge about hacking roms or what-the-fuck-ever. Just take your time and follow the instructions as you read this and everything will be fine.

    Programs we'll need:

    Before we start!
    There are two types of ROMS: LoRom and HiRom games. Each type has a different way of converting. To find out if your game is LoRom or HiRom, open it in the ZSNES emulator. It will say "BANK:LO" or "BANK:HI". Nuff said.
    If you've never converted a SNES GG code before, I recommend reading my LoRom guide first before you start with the HiRom guide. (If you ignore this advice, you will soon understand why you failed making a working code)

    - How to convert: for LoRom games -

    During this tutorial I will use "Phalanx The Enforce Fighter A-144" for my example. It might be a good idea to use that game too while reading this tutorial. It will make things easier for you the first time.
    In Phalanx, the GG code for invincibility is: 3C21-AD0F
    The European version of this code is: 3C29-AD6F
    One last note before we start. If I say "write down" it means you're going to need that piece of information later on. I don't care if you write it down, memorize it or just copy-paste it somewhere, just make sure you don't forget it.
    Open the NA version of Phalanx in ZSNES, and immediately pause the game by pressing Esc. Navigate to CHEATS > ADD CODE.
    Enter the North American code: 3C21-AD0F and click ADD.
    You will see some information in the list: ADDRESS CVALUE PVALUE blablabla...
    The ADDRESS, is the CPU address of the code, CVALUE the current value and PVALUE the previous value. Write the PVALUE down.
    The address is 00D761, and the pvalue is 3A.
    We will now need to convert the CPU address into a LoRom address. This is very easy.
    This where Game Genie Code Converter comes in. Open it, and click SNES. Now you see GG Code and Hex Code. Enter our NA code (3C21-AD0F) in the GG Code field. You will now see the same address as we saw in ZSNES. Now click Show 64K. On the right, you will see a slightly different hex code: C05761. Behind the hex code you will see EA. This is the the new value (aka CVALUE in ZSNES) we will use later on, so write it down.
    Open Windows Calculator and set it to Hexadecimal mode. Enter the hex code we just got (C05761), and subtract BFFE00 from it. The result is 5961. This is the LoRom address we're looking for.
    Open the NA rom in Hex Workshop. You will see a shitload of hexadecimal values.
    We're looking for the address 5961. Set your cursor to a random value, and look at the right bottom of the screen. You will see "Caret: <some hex address>" That's where the address we're looking for will be shown after we find it... To find it, press Ctrl+G, enter the LoRom address and press Enter.
    Now that you've found it, you see that the value your cursor blinks at is the same as the PVALUE: 3A we wrote down. So, apparently this is the right address!
    This is the first part.

    In the first part of the converting process, we went from a high level (GG code) to a low level (LoRom address). Now we are going to do the exact opposite of what we've done so far.
    This step is important: Write down ALL values 2 places left from the pvalue, and 2 places right from the pvalue. This is because we need a unique search string. You may also use more hex values to make your search string unique, but usually 2 values to the left and the right of the pvalue (or 4 values to the left or right) is sufficient to get only one match.
    Doing so we get: E4 08 3A 8D E4.
    Open the European version of Phalanx, and press Ctrl+F. Enter these 5 values without spaces in the Value field and press Enter. You will see a string of hex values highlighted in black. You will notice that the highlighted values are the exact same values from the North American version of the game. In the middle, you will see our old friend, the PVALUE: 3A
    Click on 3A and look to the bottom right of the screen in the box that says Caret. You will see the LoRom address we are going to need: 5952
    Now we're going all the way back from LoRom address to GG code.
    Go to your Windows Calculator (in hex mode) and enter the LoRom address we just found, and add BFFE00 to it. What we get is 5952 + BFFE00 = C05752
    Enter C05752:EA (EA is our cheat value, remember?) in the hex code field of GGCC and press Show 32K.
    Now, enter the hex address (without the value) you see on the right (80D752) in Windows Calculator, and subtract 800000 from it. You will get D752.
    Enter this hex code along with the cheat value in the hex code field of GGCC and you will see the European Game Genie code of the North American Game Genie code of the cheat you want in the GG Code field: 3C29-AD6F
    That's it. You're done! Now enter the code and cheat your way to the credits roll!

    - How to convert: for HiRoms -

    Now this is highly experimental. I'm not sure this works with all codes.
    Anyway, during this tutorial I will be using Super Mario Kart.
    The code we are going to convert today is: 33EB-CDA4. It gives you instant topspeed and instant-brake.
    Open the NA version of SMK in ZSNES and enter the cheat code by navigating to CHEATS > ADD CODE while having the game paused. Write down the PVALUE you see. Finding the HiRom address is easy. The last four digits of the address that has appeared, is your HiRom address: FA93
    Open Hex Workshop and find the HiRom address using Ctrl+F. You will see the value at that address is our PVALUE: 68.
    Now, write down all values up to 3 places from our pvalue. What we get is: 68 A9 FE 35
    Open the European version of SMK in Hex Workshop and press Ctrl+F. Enter the four hex values we wrote down (without spaces) in the Value field and press Enter. You will see the same string of values we entered highlighted. In this highlighted string find the PVALUE: 68. Click on the pvalue and look to the bottom right of the screen to find the HiRom address: FB06
    We're almost there. Put 80 in front of the address, so we get: 80FB06
    Enter this address (with two zero's) in GGCC with the cheat value, and the right GG code will appear above: 33ED-3F64
    That's it!

    A few last notes... When something goes wrong, most of the time it is because you didn't read my instructions or read too fast. In these cases, don't come and cry asking why your failcode is fail. If however you are absolutely certain that you've followed my instructions carefully, and it still doesn't work, post all info I need (code, type of rom etc etc) in a message and describe exactly what you did, and I will take a look at it.
    Remember that this tutorial, and especially the HiRom tutorial, is highly experimental.

    Well, this is the end of the guide. Good luck and have fun.

    P.S. I will remove every comment that says the SNES/GG is old or bullshit like that. Yes, both the SNES and GG are old. No that doesn't mean this guide is redundant. No one has ever made a list of European GG codes for the SNES, and no one has ever published a method of converting NA/J codes to European codes... ever. So I think that makes me the first to solve that little problem.


    I found that Super Mario World is incompatible with my LoRom method. Everything is fine until the step where you have to find the same unique string in the European version: the same string does not exist. It looks like they have moved a little piece of addresses to somewhere else. Still busy finding out where they put it. Still, there may be Super Mario World code that ARE compatible with my LoRom method, but you will have to find out for yourself.
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    Re: HOWTO: Convert North American SNES Game Genie codes to European codes

    Wow. That's really cool. If you figure out a definite way of doing the HiRoms I'd be interested to try and build this into a little app to find the codes for you (when I finish coding the 101 other things I'm doing :tongueout: ).
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    Re: HOWTO: Convert North American SNES Game Genie codes to European codes

    Well, my way of converting hirom roms seems to be compatible with Super Mario Kart, but I'm not sure about other hirom games yet. I will try it out on Final Fantasy V tomorrow.

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