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Jazz Jackrabbit 2

How did a 2D game about a green rabbit keep us playing for all these years?

It just did! And that's why we're having this page about it.

And hell, the online servers are still filled with players today!

Battery Check From the creators of JJ2, to promote battery recycling
Jazz Jackrabbit 3 Alpha Alfa of the JJ3 project, too bad it got cancelled
Levels Shitty levels by me and some friends

Other sites
JJ2 moved a lot of people! Which is why the community is really alive!

If you've got the game, you can go for patches and stuff over there (needed for online play)

Jazz2Online Biggest JJ2 site, required stuff
Lori Central Dedicated to TSF character Lori!

Getting Jazz Jackrabbit 2
What are you waiting for? Hop over to GOG, and buy the game now!

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