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Interstate '76

This was the best game of the 90's. This game had more quality, style feeling than any other, and it was the first in its genre!

It's about vigilantes in Texas, fighting off the OPEC trying to sabotage the US oil industry.
They fight by mounting large guns on their cars are shooting the shit out of the bad mercenaries.

This game wasn't that popular, so most of the cool stuff has gone. Except for the things I've kept:

Extra cars Tired of that standard Skeeter truck?
I'76 Edit Create your own damn maps
CD map pack Lots of maps
Voodoo layer Makes I'76 think your GeForce or Radeon is 3dfx launcher Better graphics if you bought it from
I'76 Windows Theme Make Windows barable
I'76 Windows Theme 2 Make Windows even more barable
Zack @ NBC Weird I'76 promo on NBC

Other sites
Keep the funk alive! The only community site left
Interstate Outlaws College students recreating Interstate '76, nice!

Getting Interstate '76
You can buy it from, it's even compatible with Windows 10.

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