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Synergy server improvements

Discussion in 'What's new' started by Kotsende Kat, Aug 4, 2020.

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    As some people may know, our Synergy server (Eendracht) has been less than stable. Crashes were frequent, leading to frustrated players and over time, an empty server.

    For the past few days, Mostly Hairless (the bald guy) and I have worked very hard on an improved, stable Synergy server. We started from scratch, first installing the basic server files, then SourceMod, then the plugins, one by one. It took us quite some time and playtesting to make sure everything works as expected again. Synergy never was 100% stable and it's impossible to guarantee there are no crashes. However, we are confident our efforts have led to a better Synergy experience on our server for everyone.

    On that note, we are happy to announce that the improved Synergy server is now online! Grab a beer and join the fun!
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