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First Aid with SourceMod

Discussion in 'Become an admin' started by Kotsende Kat, Jun 30, 2010.

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    The server just crashed and you have to restore the map, but how? This topic will explain basic procedures most used in the Eendracht using SourceMod.

    Easy menu access
    • Using your console, type "bind <key> sm_admin" and press enter.
    • Exit the console and test your bind by pressing your bound key: Voilà! Easy menu access.
    I found F1 to be the most convenient key.

    Server crash
    • As soon as you notice the server has crashed, disconnect and wait for the server to restart.
    • Rejoin as soon as the server has restarted.
    • Find out where you left off by using the console (for example: d3_c17_05)
    • If the previous map was d3_c17_05, type this in console: "sm_map d3_c17_05" (without the quotation marks) and press enter.
    You may also type "/map <mapname>" or "!map <mapname>" in chat. That way you don't have to use the console, but you still have to use the console to find out where you left off.

    Kicking a player
    • Type "sm_kick <name> <reason (optional)>" in console.
    You can also use "/kick" or "!kick" in chat (this is quicker).

    An NPC is stuck (for example: Alyx won't move) or other things that obstruct the game's progress
    • Find out the current map name by opening the console
    • Type "/map <mapname>" in chat.

    Prevent a player from using saysounds
    • Go to your console and type "sm_sound_ban <playername>"
    • To unban type "sm_sound_unban <playername>"

    You don't have to type the player's full name. For example, if you want to target me, and my ingame name is "Gravity Cat", you only have to type "sm_milkncookies Grav" to give me milk 'n cookies. Or, if nobody else's name contains "Gr" you can also use "Gr" or "rav". As long as I am the only one whose name contains these combinations.

    More commands:
    sm_slay <name>
    sm_slap <name> <dmg>
    sm_explode <name>
    sm_evilrocket <name>
    sm_timebomb <name>
    sm_freezebomb <name>

    What not to do
    Never use sm_fire or sm_firebomb. These commands are bugged: they set every player on fire until the server is restarted.

    After you changed a cvar (like gravity), always change them back to default before you leave the server.

    This guide is not finished yet. For more help, go to


    I'm gonna keep it short.
    Using the admin menu is SLOW and TIME CONSUMING.
    If you want to ban/slay/slap/eat someone... Just type /<command> <parameters> in chat.
    And no I'm not gonna tell you all the commands, figure it out yourself. You should be able to figure it out yourself.
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